2017-2018 STAFF BIOS




Name: Kierrah Daniels                                      
Year: Senior
Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina

Position: Student Life Editor
College Planning to Attend: Winthrop University

Kierrah Daniels is in her second year of journalism, and currently serves as the Student Life editor.

For the past four years,  Kierrah as been involved in various organizations here on campus. The Scholar’s Academy for Business and Law, which she’s served in since freshman year, Beta Club, which she’s served with for the past three years, and recently the National Honor Society, which she was inducted into during her junior year.

After three years of active service, Kierrah has now also been named the president of the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), an organization aimed to provide accurate information, cease misunderstanding, encourage equality.

Kierrah will be attending Claflin University in the fall of 2018   to pursue a degree in social work. Her goal is to serve the community by helping to supply vulnerable populations,  like the economically disadvantaged, recently released, and more the resources, support, and encouragement that they need to gain back their independence.


Name: Chris Kennedy     

Year: Senior

Hometown: Florence, SC

Position: Sports Editor, College and Professional

C: Clemson University


Chris Kennedy is in his second year in the journalism program. Home schooled his freshman year, this is Chris’ third year at Ridge View High School. Chris played recreational league baseball for nine years before attending Ridge View. Chris will be attending Clemson University in the fall of 2018 to major in sports communication. Chris hopes to work for ESPN or to become a college basketball coach.

In his free time, Chris enjoys watching football and playing a variety of sports including basketball, football, baseball, tennis, and golf. Chris also enjoys playing the drums and bass guitar, as well as keeping up with everything in the sports media world.


Name: Jada Green        
Year :Senior
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Position: Website Editor

Jada Green is a senior at Ridge View High School. This is her second year in the journalism program. She is currently in the medical program, Health Occupation Students of America or HOSA, and has been for a two years now. While at Ridge View through the HOSA program, Jada has discovered her passion for nursing. After high school she plans on attending an in state college, she aspires to be a pediatric nurse.

Ms. Green currently resides in Columbia, SC. She lives with her parents and her twin sister. In her free time she enjoys reading,socializing, and writing.

Name: Jessica LaNae Green                           

Year: Senior

Hometown: Columbia, SC

Position: Media Editor

Jessica Green is in her second year of the journalism program.While attending Ridge View, Jessica has been apart of the Health Occupations Student of America (HOSA) medical program and has been in it for two years now. She also is in the National BETA Club and Wellness Council for Ridge View and also has been in that for two years now. She also takes part in helping with the Breast Cancer walks every year around October. She plans on majoring in nursing and minoring in business. Jessica is planning to attend an in-state college, with USC Upstate and Lander being her top choices.

In her free time, she enjoys to be around loved ones, listening to music, outside activities, and reading.

Jessica lives with her dad, mom, older brother, and twin sister.


Name: Jonathan Cardona       

Year: Junior

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Position: High School Sports Editor

Middle School attended: Kelly Mill

Jonathan Cardona is in his third year of Journalism. Jonathan is the longest active student in the journalism program. He is currently on the Varsity wrestling team. During Jonathan’s sophomore and junior season, he competed and achieved being an Upper State qualifier. He is Puerto Rican and moved to South Carolina when he was seven years old.

Jonathan lives in Columbia with his mom, stepdad, and his younger sister.




Name: Caitlin Brewer                                                                                    IMG_0939

Year: Senior

Hometown: Misawa, Japan

Position: Staff Writer

College :Coastal Carolina University

Caitlin Brewer is in her first year of journalism at Ridge View High School. She is a member of the Scholar’s Academy Magnet Program. Caitlin was born and raised in Misawa, Japan until she was 12 years old. She then moved to South Carolina when her father retired from the Air Force. She has a passion for writing and hopes to attend Furman University, where she will major in English and minor in Gender Studies.

Caitlin currently lives with her mother and five dogs: Delta, Oishi, Roxy, Gizmo, and Mud. Her father lives in Kunsan, Korea, and her two older brothers are serving in the military.

In Caitlin’s free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and listening to music.


Name : Davon Brown

Year : Sophomore               IMG_0950Hometown : Columbia, SC

Position : Staff Writer

Middle School Attended : St. Andrews Middle School

Davon is currently in his first year of journalism at Ridge View High School. This is also his first year at Ridge View, previously at Columbia High. He is in JROTC.

In his free time, Davon’s  hobbies consist of playing video games and going to the cinema. Davon currently resides with his two brothers and mom.


Name: Janio Cespedes                                                               IMG_0953

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico

Position: Staff Writer

Janio is in his first year of journalism. Janio Cespedes is in his first year at Ridge View after moving from Manhattan, Kansas.. He is also currently on the varsity wrestling team and enjoys playing video games in his free time. Janio is in JROTC and plans to  joins the U.S. Marines after completing high school.

Janio lives with his mom, dad, and his two younger brothers.


Name: DaQuan Gladden                                                    IMG_0952

Year: Junior

Hometown:Columbia, SC

Position: Staff Writer

Middle School Attended: Kelly Mill Middle School

DaQuan Gladden is currently in his first year of the journalism program at Ridge View High School; he is also apart of the yearbook staff. DaQuan is a member of Beyond Limitations, a club for mentoring elementary school boys. He is a member of the National Honors of High School Scholars.

He has lived in Columbia, South Carolina for his entire life. He lives with his mother, father, and two brothers. He plans on attending the University of Tampa after graduating high school.


Name: Deanna Huskey                      IMG_0930

Year: Junior

Hometown: Columbia, Sc

Position: Staff Writer

College Hoping to Attend: Coastal Carolina

Deanna is in her first year of Journalism at Ridge View High School. She moved around South Carolina over the years, now residing in Northeast Columbia. At Dutch Fork Middle, she was apart of The Yada Step Team.  She is now looking forward being in a Mentoring group called “Ladies of D5”. Ever since middle school Deanna had a passion for writing a plethora of genres.

Deanna lives with her other and stepfather. In her free time she loves writing. Her other hobbies include photography and listening to music.


Name: Trashad Jett                                 IMG_1021.JPG

Year: Senior

Hometown: Sumter, South Carolina

Position: Staff Writer
Trashad Jett is in his first year of Journalism. Trashad attended Sumter High School before transferring to Ridge View. He is currently on the varsity football team. Trashad has been recognized with previous “Defensive Player of the Week” awards from The State newspaper.

In his free time, he enjoys working out and socializing with friends. As of now, Trashad is still reviewing his options in where  to continue playing football.


Name: Dymond Nealy                  IMG_0947

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Walnut Creek, California

Position: Staff Writer

College Hoping to Attend: Howard University

Dymond is in her first year of Journalism. She is a member of National Society of High School Scholars. She is also in the club, Young Ladies of Elegance, which is an organization of women who volunteer to help for the better of the community.

Dymond has a few hobbies; writing and reading creative writing, and urban novels. In her free time, she enjoys visiting family, taking photos, and helping others.

Dymond resides in Columbia, after transitioning from California, with her Pitbull terrier, Honey; her father and her brother.


Name: Keiana Smith                          IMG_0938

Year : Freshmen

Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina

Position: Staff Writer

Middle School Attended: Longleaf Middle School

Keiana is in her first year of  journalism at Ridge View High School. She is a Longleaf Middle School graduate. Keiana is an honor roll student and has won awards for ¨Best Short Story” at Longleaf Middle.  She also played volleyball for the club team M.O.T.O. They won State in 2016.

Keiana says “Journalism and writing has been a passion of mine since I was little. I love writing stories and getting lost in my own work”.

Outside of school, Keiana likes to workout and walk her dog Keira, a Shih-poo.


Name: Adrien Trippany              IMG_0942

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Gilbert, South Carolina

Position: Staff Writer

Middle School Attended: Kelly Mill Middle School
Adrian Trippany is in his first year in the Journalism program at Ridge View. He is an honors student and is a member of the school’s Gay Straight Alliance. Adrian has made A Honor Roll every year and has received several awards for his academic achievements, including South Carolina Junior Honor Scholar.  

Adrian has seven siblings. He enjoys spending his time with them when he is not babysitting or hanging out with his friends. He also loves reading horror and fantasy books and creating various types of art.


Name: Isabella Walker                  IMG_0927

Year: Senior

Hometown: Columbia, SC

Position: Staff Writer

College Planning to Attend: Converse College

Isabella Walker is in her first year of journalism. Isabella is in the School for the Arts program for visual arts, as well as the Teacher Cadet program.

She currently takes part in several clubs. she serves as a co-president in the Bushcraft/Emergency Preparedness Club. She also is part of the Coffee House club, Japanese Art/Culture Club, and the Book Club. In the past, she was part of the AVID program, as well as part of the National Beta Club. She has also attended the Junior National Young Leaders Conference.

She works as a bible study teacher to middle school student. She also sells homemade beauty products.

Outside of school, Isabella enjoys drawing mini-comics, fictional writing, and reading anything she can find. She also enjoys relaxing while watching various superhero shows on Netflix.  She resides in Columbia with her parents, two brothers, one sister, and two dogs, Reese and Bailey.

Name: Savannah Young           IMG_0931

Year: Senior

Hometown: Stuttgart, Germany

Position: Staff Writer

Savannah Young is in her first year of journalism. She attended Spring Valley High School for her freshman and sophomore year, then transferred to Ridge View High School. Savannah is a part of the Green Student Committee, a group of students dedicated to recycling throughout the school.  She is also part of Richland Two’s first Science Olympiad team, which competes in various science events.

Savannah has made A honor roll for two years at Ridge View High School, and made A/B honor roll for one year at Spring Valley High School.

Savannah was raised in a military household and was raised in Germany for majority of her life before coming to the United States.

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