SC legislators introduce bill calling gay marriages “parody marriages”

By Adrien Trippany

On February 15, 2018, six South Carolina lawmakers introduced bill H. 4949, which is classified as a “Marriage and Constitution Restoration Act.” The bill was written by Representatives Steven Long, Bill Chumley, Mike Burns, John McCravy, Josiah Magnuson, and Rick Martin in an attempt to classify gay marriage as a “parody marriage.”

The bill states, “civilizations for millenia have defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman,” and goes on to say that “marriage between and man and a woman arose out of the nature of things, and marriage between a man and a woman is natural, neutral, and noncontroversial, unlike parody forms of marriage.” This implies that the definition of marriage is a union between a man and a woman, and that a marriage between two people of the same sex would be considered “wrong.”

The bill further argues that gay marriages are a practice of “Secular Humanism”,  a religion based on the ideology that people can be moral and self-fulfilled without God. Taking this as fact, the Representatives are arguing that no religion should be put above others; therefore, formally referring to gay unions as marriages would be considered oppressive to other religions.

The bill is currently being referred to the Judiciary Committee, a committee of House Representatives charged with ensuring justice within Federal courts, agencies, and law enforcement. H. 4949 can be read on the State House’s website.  http://www.scstatehouse.gov/sess122_2017-2018/bills/4949.htm


South Carolina’s attempt at passing S.1203

By Alexz Wilson                                                                                                 published 5/6/2016

On Thursday, April 6, South Carolina’s Senate brought forward the S.1203 bill, which prohibits males and females to occupy opposite sex restrooms. The bill is an attempt to replicate the already passed HB2 (House Bill) law in North Carolina. Following the introduction of the bill, a hearing was held on Wednesday, April 13, and a demonstration was held on the Statehouse grounds. The hearing continued into Thursday the following day.


Senator Lee Bright during the  April 14 hearing in Columbia.  (photo by Alexz Wilson)

This bill would require men and women use the bathroom associated with their “biological sex,” defined by the bill as the physical condition of being male or female, which is stated on a person’s birth certificate. This bill was put in as an effort to protect citizens’ privacy.  According to Senator Lee Bright, it will be an attempt at trying to stop sexual assaults caused in female restrooms by “men who claim to be women.”

Recently, in Horry County, a senior high school student was suspended for using the male restroom. As a transgender male, he did not feel comfortable using the female restroom.  Similar to the case of Gavin Grimm in Virginia. If the school doesn’t comply within the next week, it could be taken to the Board of Education which enforces Title IX; a federal law of banning sex discrimination in schools.