News Briefs

Ridge View Evacuates 

On Wednesday, May 2, 2018 at 12:46 students evacuated the school because of the release of toxic fumes. A member of the custodial staff  accidentally mixed two cleaning products that were not meant to be blended. These chemicals were mixed on D-hall in the school bathroom toilet causing toxic fumes to be released. Two employees were exposed to the fumes and one was taken to the hospital for treatment. After the scene was called to be safe again, students were able to head back to class for regularly scheduled classes.

Exams start May 31- June 7 2018.

THURSDAY MAY 31, 2018:

First period Exam 8:40-10:10

Break 10:10-10:20

Fourth Period Exam 10:25-11:55

Lunch 11:55-12:34

Second Period Class 12:40-1:42

Fifth Period Class 1:47-2:38

Sixth Period Class 2:44-3:35


FRIDAY JUNE 1, 2018:

Second Period Exam 8:40-10:10

Break 10:10-10:20

Fifth Period Exam 10:25-11:55

Lunch 11:55-12:34

Third Period Class 12:40-1:42

Sixth Period Class 1:47-2:38

Seventh Period Class 2:44-3:35



Third Period Exam 8:40- 10:10

Break 10:10-10:20

Sixth Period Exam 10:25-11:55

Lunch 11:55-12:34

Seventh Period Class 12:40-1:42

First Period Class 1:47-2:38

Fourth Period Class 2:44-3:35




Seventh Period Exam 8:40-10:10

Break 10:10-10:20

Second Period Class 10:25-11:10

Third Period Class 11:16-11:55

Lunch 11:55-12:34

Fourth Period Class 12:40-1:42

Fifth Period Class 1:47-2:38

Sixth Period Class 2:44-3:35



Exam Makeup Day in MPR Regular Bell Schedule until Dismissal



Prom 2018image1

Prom was held at R2I2, located in Sandhills, on April 21, 2018 from 8 p.m to midnight. The theme this year was “Once Upon A Time in Paris”.  Seniors Lauryn Mitchell and Tyrik Fulmore were crowned Prom King and Queen. Juniors Chase Middleton and Marquise Williams were crowned Prom Prince and Princess.

Ridge View Students Protest Gun Violence

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 10 a.m., students at Ridge View High School began to leave their classrooms where lessons were taking place in protest of gun violence. Faculty, Staff, as well as various students were briefed the days prior regarding the protest. For safety concerns, Ridge View’s Administration allowed students to gather in the gym, rather than physically walking out of the school. Protesting students arrived to a scene of solidarity and remembrance of the 17 victims who lost their lives at the hands of a school shooter exactly a month prior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The event, sponsored by Ridge View’s Scholar’s Academy Magnet Program for Business and Law, was regarded as a success by the students in charge of the peaceful demonstration. -Caitlin Brewer 

Boys basketball wins state title 

On Saturday, March 3, 2018, The Ridge View Blazers beat the Wilson High School Tigers, 74-70, In Colonial Life Arena for the South Carolina Class 4-A State Championship. This is the Blazers’ first state championship in two appearances.-Jonathan Cardona  
Ridge View hosts annual Special Olympics

Ridge View’s annual basketball Special Olympics was held on February 15, 2018. This is a series of basketball related events for all the schools in District 2. The event is held in the gym where there are different stations set up for the students to enjoy a day of fun. This  is a way for these students to play and  interact with other students with a little friendly competition. –Jessica Green  

Ridge View acknowledges Black History Month

Ridge View hosted an African American Read-In February 15, 2018 . As we know February is the month of black history, where we acknowledge all of the great contributions African Americans have done to better today’s society . At this read-in there were trivia, games, raffles for the Black Panther t-shirt, drawings, etc. The turn out was great, seeing as many students  and staff showed up to participate in the many activities. –Jada Green

Boys basketball advances

The Ridge View Blazers defeated their opponent, the Midland Valley Mustangs with no hesitation in the first round of the South Carolina High School League 4A Region Playoffs with a final score of 72 – 38.

They will proceed into the second round facing off the Eastside High School Eagles. This will take place Saturday February 17, 2018 at Ridge View High School. -Jonathan Cardona


Ridge View celebrates African American heritage

As we enter February, the month dedicated to the celebration and education of African American culture, Ridge View is preparing for its annual Black History Month Assembly. As a school that’s student body is composed of 76% of African American students, the assembly is highly anticipated by both faculty and students because it highlights how much the African American community has prospered through racism and prejudice, striving for equality. The assembly is scheduled to take place on Friday, February 16. Ms. Paige Fennell, teacher of History and AP Psychology, and director of the assembly, has already begun rehearsals for the much appreciated celebration.– Caitlin Brewer


Eleven selected for R2DHO
“The Richland Two District Honors Orchestra (R2DHO) is made up of the top high school orchestra students from across the entire district,” according to Phillip Pagal, orchestra teacher at Ridge View High School. Ridge View currently has 11 students who made it into the R2DHO. Seven violinists:Madison Bush, John (Jake) Walker, Destiny Quattlebaum, Danielle Banks, Cheonia Pagan, Grace Miller, and Nicholas Johnson were selected, along with a viola player, Esai Jones, cellist, Cameron Borum and bass player, Vincent McClinton. The R2DHO will be performing their only concert this year with guest conductor Dr. Ken Pruitt, on February 9 at 5:00 p.m. at Richland Northeast High School. –Isabella Walker and Justice Jackson



Chorus to perform at State House

Tuesday, February 6, students from all of RVHS’ choruses will be performing at the State House. Chorus students will arrive on campus before taking a bus to Washington Street United Methodist Church. From there, students will walk to the State House steps where they will perform. After this, there will be a Chamber Choir Rally inside the State House, concluding their trip. – Adrien Trippany


CAT students complete WorkKeys

This past January 29 and 30, Carolina Alliance for Technology(CAT) students completed WorkKeys. It’s a test thousands of people take every year.  There are three main parts applied math, graphic literacy, and workplace documents. To pass the test you must get a three out of seven on each section .There are four categories of scoring: Bronze, 1-2; Silver, 3-4; Gold, 5; Platinum, 6-7. The test can help when it comes to jobs, colleges, and scholarships. A big opportunity is the Disney program students who get a 15 or higher get the opportunity to go to Disney World and get to experience the science and mechanics behind what really makes the park magical. -Elijah Lynch



Orchestra Pre-Festival Concert

Ridge View’s orchestra is hosting a concert in preparation for their performance at the SCMEA Concert Festival.  The concert will be held in Ridge View’s auditorium on Thursday, March 9 at 6:30 p.m.  This performance features Ridge View’s string, concert, and chamber groups, and is open to the public.   –Alexis Danzy

Color Guard try-outs 

Ridge View High School’s Color Guard auditions are here for the 2016-2017 school year. Auditions will be Monday, May 2 until Friday, May 6 from 4:30-7:00 pm. Tryouts and meetings will be held in the Ridge View band room. Those trying are asked to wear loose and comfortable clothing such as: shorts, tank top, and tennis shoes.  -Mi’chael Kelly

Prom 2016

IMG_3849 (1)

King and Queen pose for a photo with fellow student Yasmeen Zakkary after being crowned. (photo by Mayra Santiago)

“Paradise Awaits,” Ridge View High School’s Prom was April 16, 2016 from 8:00 p.m to midnight. It was held at Seawells, which is located downtown. Seniors Kaci Hawkins, and Raoul Jenkins were crowned Prom King and Queen. Juniors Jayla Paige and D’Ondray Ashford were crowned Prom Princess and Prince.-Mi’chael Kelly





Students protest at lunch


Students hold rally in main hallway.                                            (photo by Tamaia Toliver)


A group of Ridge View students protested in the school’s main hallway on Feb. 29. The protest was a response to the school’s decision to remove a song, “Strange Fruit” by Abel Meeropol,  previously included in the Black History Month Assembly program. During the protest, students wore all black and displayed pictures of those killed during the Charleston shooting as well as Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown. -Natalia Navarro and Kayla Garland







Career Day

Ridge View will be holding their annual Career Day on March 23 from 10:15 a.m. to noon. This event will welcome a variety of professionals from S.C. This will also be an opportunity for students to network. Students have the choice to attend up to two presentations based on their career interests.- Halin Miklas and Alexz Wilson 


Feasts for Fathers event

Wednesday, March 16, Ridge View’s JROTC program hosted Feast for Fathers in the school’s multi-purpose room. This event was held to show appreciation to fathers, grandfathers, and other father-like figures to Ridge View’s students.Those who attended were provided breakfast and the opportunity to spend time with their family members.-Christian McKune and Jonathan Cardona  


Routine Drug Search

Richland County Sheriff’s Department’s K-9 Unit conducted an annual drug search Monday, March 14  at Ridge View High School. According to Principal  Dr. Brenda Mack this search was held to maintain a drug free learning environment and to keep the students and staff of Ridge View safe. Ridge View will continue to have these searches in the future.-Mi’chael Kelly and Kiara Letman