Green Student Committee helps school become environmentally friendly

by Savannah Young


GSC students work on flowerbeds outside M-Hall            photo by Dr. David Degenhardt 

Green Student Committee is a club that was started in 2014, with a goal to help make the school and the community around it more environmentally friendly.

What I love about the Green Student Committee is that it is entirely student-driven. The students take the initiative each week to organize pick ups and delegate routine tasks to one another.  Most importantly, they have fun doing a sometimes difficult and dirty job.” said Dr. David Degenhardt, the club’s sponsor.

The members volunteer to pick up Ridge View’s recycling every other Wednesday after school. Students are often seen pulling large green trash bins around the school after school has ended, using them to empty out all recycling bins throughout the school.

“It has helped me become a lot more independent, learn to be more environmentally friendly, and respect things we have so that I do not take it for granted.” said sophomore Christa Joby .

Recently, the club went to Rice Creek Elementary school to pull weeds from the plant beds and help with a landscaping project. One group of students had to dig up the grass, place weed blocking sheets onto the dirt, and then placed rocks that elementary students decorated as fish to form a “river” of rocks. Another group of students went to the school’s courtyard and helped clean out weeds and dead plants to restore their plant beds, so Rice Creek can plant new flowers.

“The trip to Rice Creek taught me how, if a group of people work together well, we can do anything and have fun while doing it.” commented senior Sativa Jones, who is also the secretary of the club.


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