The misconception of twins

By Jada and Jessica Green


Fraternal twins Jada and Jessica Green

                    Are you two twins? This question, having an obvious answer, has been asked our entire life.  And that was just outside of school, inside of school is no different. We see the same teachers everyday, and they still don’t know how to tell us apart. We get called the wrong names, grades have been mistaken for the wrong twin, and teachers automatically think our views and perspectives should be the same because we are twins.  WRONG! We are individuals; just because we shared the same womb doesn’t mean we share the same brain.

Twins are categorized in two different types; fraternal and identical twins. Fraternal twins are twins who were formed by two seperate eggs and fertilized by separate sperm. Identical twins are twins who were formed from the same egg and sperm.  

Although twins aren’t very common, we have quite a few here at Ridge View High School. To see if any other twins had similar experiences as us we decided to interview. First we went out and asked the identical twins questions about being twins in high school.

“ Being a twin , especially an identical twin, is cool I guess , but when it comes to when people get us mixed up, and call us the wrong name it annoys us.“ Faith and Farran Thompson said.  This is true with identical twins they get mixed up and called the wrong name but it does get frustrating after a while because some of these teachers and students have been with us almost our whole high school career.

Lacey Johnson  said, “ The good part about having my brother is we share most of our classes and I have someone there to talk to and most of the time work with.” There are plenty of pros of having your twin in high school because it’s sort of your comfort zone and you are guaranteed to always have someone there with you to talk to.

Then we talked to the fraternal twins and got there look on how is it like being a twin in high school.

“It feels normal because most of the time people don’t actually know I have a twin sister until I tell them because we don’t look anything alike.” Jasmine Nelson said.

“ None of our teachers get us  mixed up because we look so different and we dress and act differently”  Alyssa Daney said.


Fraternal twins Ariyanna and Alyssa Daney

Hearing these opposite spectrums of being a twin in high school made us come to a conclusion-we have the same problems. Either being fraternal or identical, we still get questioned about being twins or because we do look so much alike and because fraternal twins look nothing alike they get questioned are they really twins and not just sisters. But there is a twist to this conclusion. My sister and I look exactly alike and we are fraternal twins. We experience the aggravation that identical twins go through and we get questioned about us being identical twins. And some people even declare  we are identical even after we tell them we are fraternal.

So yes, seeing twins in public makes you want to stare or ask questions, but please have some twin etiquette. We  do not like getting stop by random people or being stared at, or grouped together. We are our own person; we have different thoughts; we share different opinions, and NO we do not feel each other’s pain.



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