Bojangles Bash: No indication of team’s success

By Kay Brown, Sophomore

COLUMBIA, SC –  Ridge Views Boys’ Varsity basketball team currently is undefeated in the region. This is very different in comparison to Bojangles Bash, when the team took three straight losses.

The Bojangle’s Bash, a national basketball showcase, took place from December 8 to December 10 at Ridge View High School. Twenty teams were invited to participate in the showcase, which consisted of 15  guaranteed games.

Traditionally, the Bojangle’s Bash starts off the basketball season, displaying the team for their upcoming season.

¨Bojangles Bash is a kickoff because of its high caliber and support from community and college recruits, along with the tension from the crowd and community,¨ said Head Basketball Coach Yerrick Stoneman.

The novelty of the showcase brought and continues to bring many spectators to Ridge View each December.

“There has definitely been more support and fans coming to cheer us on,” said senior player Darrien Johnson.

Senior Player D‘Markis Neal-Taylor agreed, “The atmosphere of the crowd has changed.”

c3tilg1uyaajopkIn round one of the Bojangles Bash, RV was defeated by Abraham Lincoln (New York), 76-62. RV was also defeated by Huntington Prep (West Virginia), 73-62. In the last game, RV was defeated by Miller Grove (Georgia), 61-57.

When asked about their performance Coach Stoneman responded, “We played as the best team possible. Despite the home court advantage, we were matched with higher rank teams.”

Despite the team’s initial losses, they dominated the local competition. Coach Stoneman attributes their success to dedication and strong leadership.

Senior Kaiden Rice also commented on their season performance.”It took time to find ourselves because I was the only person who had playing time last year. So it took time to get used to playing with each other,” said Rice.

The boys will play their final game of the season tonight against Westwood. They will host the first playoff game at Ridge View on February 15, at 6 p.m. against D.W. Daniel High School.

Senior Josiah Coatie commented on how their title inspires them to keep going.

“I think the region title gives us more confidence. I don’t think it would make us play any different. I think we will still play to win.”


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