Students prepare for finals

by Halin Miklas

Final exams are coming up soon, which means students will start to prepare for their tests. Senior exams will be from May 16 through May 20 and underclassmen exams will be from May 25  through May 31.

According to the Senior Exam Exemption Policy, any senior earning a 92.5 or higher on May 13 in any Ridge View class will be eligible for final exam exemption. The exemption does not apply to group projects, performances, or activities which are counted as an exam. Two-credit Honors, Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry, Biology, or Physics courses and state-administered End Of Course (EOC) exams are also not included in this policy.

With senior finals approaching, many seniors are using the skills they have accumulated over the last few years for the last final exams of their high school career.

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Seniors, Brittany Morrison and Khalia Harvey, prepare for finals during study hall.  Senior finals begin May 16. (photo by Halin Miklas)                  .

There are many ways to prepare for finals. “I think the best amount of time for a student to study should be a week-minimum,” says senior Brittany Morrison.

Miriam Tisdale, a junior at Ridge View High School, adds, “If you have a bunch of notes,  read through them and then summarize the notes by handwriting them until you have a few compact sentences that sum up the main points of the lesson.”

“It’s very important to study for final exams because if you fail you could be stuck in the same grade the following year while your friends go off to the next grade,” says senior Rebecca Walker.