Art show features student work

By Blazer Times staff

Last week, Ridge View High School hosted the annual Spring Art Showcase in the school’s library, presenting a gallery of student artwork.

The showcase exhibited art from all students in all art classes from the school year.

“The purpose of the art show is to show what our students are doing in each of the different areas,” Lane Laney, a Ridge View art teacher, explains. “We have work from Art 1 and Art 2, but we also have work from the two-dimensional design classes, the three-dimensional class and the photography and media classes– every art class.”

The students’ art projects on average run from two to four weeks depending on the level of the class and depending on the complexity of the project.

Teachers Lane Laney, Chris Nostrant, and Katherine Perry chose which of their students artwork to display in the show. All artwork was judged last Tuesday.

Awards were given in various courses and categories.  Results are as follows:

For AP Studio Art Sophie, Angela received 1st place, Taya Lee received 2nd place and Andie Carver received 3rd place.
For Ceramics and Sculpture, Asha Haggray received 1st place, Mykia Kallie received 2nd place, and Asha Haggray received 3rd place.
For Advanced 2D Art, Alexis Shuler received 1st place, Keyshawn Marshall received 2nd place, and Madison Stone received 3rd place.
For Art 1, Lacy Ward received 1st place, Selena Nelson received 2nd place, and Roy Balacanao received 3rd place.
 For Art 2, Maya Jeffcoat-Troy received 1st place , Tori Huey received 2nd place and Alexis Guess received 3rd place.
For Photography, Spencer Vasquez received 1st place, Jasmine Nelson received 2nd place, and Peter Harrison received 3rd place.
The students awarded with the ‘Best Individual Showcase Piece’ were  Kristain Aiken, Kieanna Davis, Kyle Cunningham, Taya Lee, Sophie Angela, Mackenzie Thompson, Lydia Hinson, Eric Hicks, Andie Carver, Allison Bickhem, Ahmad Walker, Jazsmin Smith, Josh Wiley- English, and Madeline Hahn.
Included is small sample of the artwork and the artists who created the pieces.

Self-portrait by John Barnett

John Barnett is a senior in Mrs. Laney’s Art II class. His discipline in art is sketching and drawing. Barnett’s most focused medium is pencil, specifically point five millimeter. Through art he aims to please the eyes of others. He is currently co-writing and illustrating a comic book called Pocket with Ben Thompson-King and plans to complete it and get it published in the future.

image (1)

Leaf tile piece by Shadae Tompkins

Shadae Tompkins is a sophomore at Ridge View High School. She is in Mrs.  Laney’s Ceramics class. Shadae specializes in visual arts but also likes to paint. Her future plans are to show her artwork on different platforms. She also wants to express her creativity with others throughout her lifetime.

Khorey Law is a junior at Ridge View High School. He was in Mrs. Perry’s Photography I this past semester. Khorey specializes in visual design. His future plans include attending school for photography.


Original photo art by Khorey Law

Keyshawn Marshall is a junior at Ridge View High School. He is in Mr. Nostrant’s Advanced 2D Design class this school year. Keyshawn specializes in self-portraits. His future plans include attending school to pursue engineering.

FullSizeRender (1) (1)

Self-portrait by Keyshawn Marshall

Spencer Vasquez is a senior at Ridge View High School, in Mrs. Perry photography class. Spencer’s future plans are to attend Savannah Collage of Art and Design in Atlanta and major in Graphic Design and Visual Design.  He enjoys expressing his creativity in 2D design and the correct use of colors in typography.
image1 (1)

Original artwork by Spencer Vasquez


Original artwork by Roy Balacanao




Roy Balacanao is a senior at Ridge View High School. He is Mr. Nostrant’s Art I class. Roy enjoys art as a hobby.


Cainan Griffin is a senior at Ridge View High School. He was in Mrs. Perry’s Photography I last semester. Cainan specializes in dark room photos.  He plans to attend Coastal Carolina in the fall.


Black and white photo by Cainan Griffin


Tamaia Toliver is a senior at Ridge View High School. She is also in Advanced 2D Art and Design. She plans to take art classes in college and pursue it as a hobby. Tamaia Toliver specializes in acrylic painting.




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