Ridge View prepares for graduation

by Natalia Navarro, Editor-in-Chief

There’s more to graduation than walking up the stage and receiving that long-awaited diploma. Ridge View’s faculty and staff is working to ensure that the graduation ceremony for the Class of 2016 graduation goes off without a hitch.

As the spring semester continues, preparation for graduation kicks-off. Michelle Goings, Ridge View High School’s Student Activities Director, is working with administration and guidance to make sure information stays current.

Several teachers are dedicating their time along with Goings in handling different aspects of graduation, such as the Junior Marshals.  

“Junior Marshals are the top ten percent of the junior class who are asked to participate in graduation duties.  They have the important task of keeping the Seniors organized and making sure they are seated properly during graduation.  We have several teachers who devote their time to training these students and those are Mr. McMicken, Mrs. Collins and Dr. Degenhardt,” Goings explains. Along with the Junior Marshals are the Sophomore Ambassadors, who will be coordinated by Mr. Hook and Mrs. Harrison.


Ridge View students stand in line to collect their senior graduation items

  “The stress level can be a 10 if you are not prepared. I am fortunate enough to have a great team to help me prepare so that my stress level is not high during this time!” Goings adds.

Student Body Officers and Senior Class Officers will sit on stage during graduation and those performing and speaking for the event practice weeks before.

Seniors and parents, mark your calendars. Graduation will be held on June 1 at noon at the Colonial Life Arena.


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