South Carolina weather continues to damage school

by Natalia Navarro, Editor-In-Chief


COLUMBIA, S.C.–Ridge View’s football practice field suffered damage after severe winds on Wednesday, February 24.

Severe storms ripped through the southern part of the US, hitting Columbia with wind gusts over 40 miles an hour.

The results of winds caused the goal post to bend. Athletic Director Brian Rosefield is unsure as to who will be funding the repairs.

“Damage from the SC Flood done to the same field was insured by the district,” explained Rosefield. “But this time we’re not sure. If anything, we’ll most likely have to take funds from the Athletic Department.”

According to Rosefield, taking funds from the Athletic Department may have an affect on spring sports such as soccer and lacrosse.  A scrimmage may be cancelled from the spring sports or an actual game due to being unable to pay for transportation.

However, Rosefield assures that it is nothing to worry about. After seeing how Ridge View bounced back from the flood, a bent goal post can be handled.


October’s flood damage on practice field leading into the pit. Photo by Paige Fennell

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